How did I get here?

Work Experience

Rachel Bailleau (formerly Horne)

Freelance writer (Jan 2023 – present)
I recently bought a smallholding in the Hautes Pyrenees mountain range. My intention is to be self-sufficient in water, food, and energy. As any farmer can attest to, this intention does not align with full-time work on the computer. So, I have returned to freelance writing, and I’m delighted to work with clients for 3 days a week. I can support clients with blog writing, feature articles, white papers, research files, and web copy. I only work with clients who are transforming the food system, stabilising the climate, or reversing biodiversity loss.

Researcher Writer (Jan 2022 – Dec 2022)
I worked as a full-time researcher and writer for Eden Project. Amongst other things, Eden grew a jungle in an abandoned clay pit. My job was to create detailed research files on the latest biodiversity, climate, and food system breakthroughs. I helped create storylines for on site exhibitions that a million people visit every year.

Freelance writer (2019 – 2022)
I worked as a freelance content marketing writer and journalist. My niches included Leave-No-Trace Wild Camping, Zero Waste Living and Regenerative Agriculture. I wrote for major publications including YES!, Lonely Planet, and Your Horse, as well as supporting mission-driven businesses like Soil Heroes.

Permaculture, Ranching, & More (2018-2019)
After graduating, I moved back to my childhood bedroom and worked as an activity manager in a care home specialising in palliative care and Dementia & Alzheimers. Later in the year, I worked seasonally on horse ranches and spent time volunteering on permaculture projects as I hitchhiked and wild-camped around the UK.

International Development & Spanish (2014 – 2018)
I studied International Development & Spanish at the University of Leeds, including a year abroad at Juan Carlos Tercero, Madrid. While studying, I supervised the University Union bar and worked as an Outdoor Activity Facilitator for fellow students. I was secretary of the University Boxing Club and an active member of the Horse Riding Society and Buddhist Meditation Society. I was selected for and completed the Emerging Leaders Program and cycled from Leeds, England to Berlin, Germany in aid of Bicycle Ambulances, Malawi. (Grade – 2:1)

Ranch Hand, Nanny, and House Keeper (2013-2018)
From leaving school to the end of my university studies, I worked seasonally on a horse ranch in the Sierra Nevada mountains, in Southern Spain. I took care of 20+ horses as well as rescue animals like dogs, cats, chickens, geese, and more. Living totally off-grid in blistering summers and freezing winters helped me become a resilient person that feels most at ease in nature. In some seasons, I worked as a nanny to the two young children and in other seasons I exercised horses or managed a team of international workers on the ranch. I assisted the vet and blacksmith, cooked chilli by the bucket load, and learned to wash my clothes in a river.

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